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Oct 7 2009, 12:47 PM
Oct 7 2009, 12:37 PM
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Oct 7 2009, 12:21 PM
I don't think this is pulling Rafe farther out of the babyswitch storyline at all. He will right back in the thick of it when he returns to Salem. He has all the info to tell Sami about Sydney. Time is going so slowly in Salem right now, that 5 or 6 days in our time are like 1 in theirs, so Rafe hasn't been in the water long, it just seems like a long time b/c they are dragging their feet with this.
We'll see. I believe Rafe will end up recuperating at his sis's house...and during that time Sami is still interacting with EJ, Sydney and Nicole based on the script that Ali tweeted a picture of - that is scheduled to air at the end of this month.

In addition, we know that Chad has scenes with Justin, presumably representing him as his lawyer in a custody case over Sydney.

So...when it would seem that Rafe won't be making any big revelations as soon as he hits Salem...and not for at least the next several weeks.
ITA agree there won't be much from Rafe when he's returned to Arianna but Ali's recent tweets show she's been running lines with GG an has been having lunch with him AZ an JS almost daily so there's a lot of interaction at some point up ahead.
Exactly. I suspect we won't see those scenes until mid-November or so - likely during Sweeps. Who knows where the story will be at that point or who will be revealing what to whom. I think the fact that Rafe learned what he did as early as he did was a red herring for the audience at that time - just another opportunity for people to feel like the truth was just about to come out - and then he's removed from the story for the next several weeks.
Well we don't know yet if he is 'out of the storyline' or operating under the radar because he knows that Stephano brought Meredith to town and will also assume that he put him up to his kidnapping and attempted murder. We may find Arianna tasked with trying to get the items needed to test Sami, Grace, Nicole and Sydney's DNA as we know that Rafe knows everything in theory but needs the evidence to verify if he's supicions are accurate.

I think that Rafe has everything figured out for a reason that will come into play later - everyone else in the storyline is starting to catch up with bits of the truth but at the moment Stephano, Nicole, Rafe and the not-so-dead Dr Baker are the only ones who know the whole story.
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