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Oct 7 2009, 04:36 PM
I love that they are infact inhancing Rafes role as "The White Knight" Hero.
I see this helping to intigrate with more of the cast and that truly needs to happen.
Im positive this also will play into his and Sami's reuniting.
And ofcourse Carly has to help him, She is a "Doctor" Im hoping he doesnt have amnesia, but he took some pretty hard hits so if he does it could simply be limited or atleast short term..
But no matter what happens im confident that SAFE will reunite.. The writers have stayed consitant in having her talk and think about how much she loves him.. Even Wil has remarked on it, I dont see EJ as an "emotional" threat to SAFE at all. That ship sailed ... and sunk.
Wonderful post and so right on.
The writers have spent a long time slowly building the romance between Sami and Rafe.
Now, as you said, both Sami and Rafe are still thinking of each other, talking about their love for each other to others, dreaming about each other. Other major characters on the show are telling Sami how much Rafe loves her-- even his sister and her own son.
SAFE will reunite as a stronger and more loving couple.
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