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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Oct 7 2009, 09:09 PM
i don't see the difference. nicole took ej's child and tried to pass it off as hers. sami took ej's child and tried to pass it off as adopted, with rafe as the father. so in both cases, one of the rightful parents had their custodial rights yanked from them.

the only difference in their crime is motivation. i happen to feel sorrier for nicole because i can more easily pity a person that commits a crime out of love rather than pure hatred. i think nicole loved ej and was fearful of losing him, which led her to do what she did. i also think she believed what sami was doing to him was grossly unfair, and i think part of her attempted to put that right by reuniting him with the child sami intended that he never know about. sami, on the other hand, hated ej for daring to move on with nicole, and decided to punish him by not only lying about his kid, but finding a a total stranger to play daddy to her. then she had the nerve to act the way she did during the grace reveal--smirking and gloating and generally acting like a horrific bitch.

so while the crimes are essentially the same, i can more easily pity nicole, even though she may be darker. but i also disagree with that statement. nicole and sami are essentially the same animal--they're out to make themselves happy even if that costs others their happiness--and it oftentimes does.

And I'm with you right up to the point of how they both affected EJ initially . I do happen to think that Nicole switching the babies was beyond cruel - to Mia, to Sami, to Grace - her indifference to her promise to Mia was disturbing, particularly if you use the argument that she thought Sami 'didn't want' to have EJ's baby. If that were the case, how can you argue that she meant no harm to Grace when she pawned her off knowing Sami would still think she had EJ's baby? Nicole's crime affected far more lives than Sami's - both directly and indirectly. And it continues to do so.

Add to that what is coming up. Nicole's motivation of it coming from love comes in to question if she is now willing to allow EJ to grieve over the loss of yet another daughter that he DID bond with (unlike Grace) - when she knows full well she could spare him that if she'd only tell the full truth. Instead, she's going to continue down this path and allow Chad to become a factor. I don't know that it will come down to a custody suit but the fact that it's even a possibility clearly indicates she's not putting even Sydney's best interests at heart.
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