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Oct 7 2009, 04:53 PM
As Arianne put it, "when Sami finds out, she's actually kind of supportive. She was doing something similar. If Grace had not died, Sami would be doing the same kind of thing. She wanted to protect her child from the DiMeras." What Sami did wasn't really any better than what Nicole did. Nicole's was perhaps a bit darker, as she did switch the babies, but, Arianne continued, "for Sami, she knows what she did. She's at an age where she gets it. She, I think, respects Nicole because they live in the same world of deceit. I think there's a mutual respect, even though it's so scary to trust each other, but yet we want to, but we know that we're sort of mortal enemies at the same time."

Holy shit! Seriously, Ari? Really?? Only a BIT darker - switching the babies, kidnapping Sami's, watching Sami and EJ grieve over Grace thinking she was their daughter? That's just a BIT darker? :shame:

Love Ari - but even she can't sell that shit.

The rest of the interview was great, though.

Thanks for posting, Angie! :)
I don't know what planet this actress is living on, but there are stories in the paper all the time about some demented woman stealing a baby from a mother. There is no excuse for that. Ever.
Alot of women have miscarriages. Not too many steal or buy a baby and lie to the world about it. And the ones that do are spending a very long time in prison.
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