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It's an action-packed week for Carly. Crystal Chappell elaborates on all that and getting lippy with Galen Gering (Rafe).

SOW:Where does Carly's plane land?

CC:In a town with a port, because she gets in touch with her old friend, Omar. Carly calls him because he has a boat, and he agrees to give her a trip up the river to Salem.

SOW:Carly tells Omar what happened with Lawrence, right?

CC:You will see what happens just prior to his death. She doesn't tell Omar everything, but she's very honest about the fact that she killed Lawrence.

SOW:Carly decides to wait to contact Bo until she gets to Salem. Why?

CC:There's the issue of people monitoring her whereabouts. If she tries to make any kind of contact, it would put everyone in danger. So she has to wait.

SOW:All of that takes a backseat when the captain spots a man in the water, and the crew fishes out Rafe.

CC:Omar is a little skeptical at first. He fears that another person on board might put Carly in more danger, but Carly says they have to help Rafe. She's a doctor, and Rafe is in bad shape. He has an infection, high fever, hypothermia.

SOW:Carly resuscitates him. That must have been an akward first scene with Galen.

CC:Oh, yeah. I gave him mouth-to-mouth. We're fast friends now (laughs). That's breaking the ice right there: "Hi! I'm going to be putting my lips on you."

SOW:But it's not quite as easy for Carly and Rafe. Carly manages to bring up his temperature, and then a crew member pulls a gun on her!

CC:It's one of Lawrence's minions, doing his bidding. He comes very close to killing Carly, but Rafe manages to pull himself up just in time to knock the gun away. He saves Carly's life and then collapses again. Carly tries to get Rafe to talk, but he's going in and out of consciousness. She's trying to find out who he is. She doesn't want to dump him at some hospital, because she sees contusions on his head and surmises someone is trying to kill him. So she is trying to nurse him back to health herself. She realizes she is going to have to go into Salem in order to save him. She has to risk being seen in order to save Rafe.

SOW:Rafe starts mumbling that he must tell "her" about "the baby". What does Carly make of it all?

CC:In his delirium, Rafe's talking about a baby. Carly's trying to figure out what's going on with that. Her priority becomes keeping Rafe alive. Whatever this baby issue is, it's obviously very important.

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