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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Oct 9 2009, 07:45 AM
i do find it a bit unbelievable that a teenage boy somehow ends up being more responsible and caring toward his baby than the biological mother in question. hell, before nicole met mia, she was in talks to sell her baby through baker. she actually did end up selling her to a woman that she knew was lying and pretending that the baby was her. then in swoops her surprisingly mature boyfriend who actually seeems to want this child. color me surprised, as you don't often see that in real life.

i hope for ej's sake, he tries to take sydney back before he learns the truth about her paternity. i like ej, and i have forgiven him a lot, but throwing a defenseless baby out on the street is a whole other thing. as characters so often like to remind us, ej's one saving grace is his love for his kids. if he doesn't have that, then he's just a cold unfeeling monster like stefano, and i'd prefer not to think that about him. and please don't give me the lame excuse ej gave lexie yesterday about not knowing who might come take his baby. he's a dimera. he can make sydney his through either legal or not-so-legal channels. he just has to want to.
I absolutely agree with your comments about EJ. I will hate it if they don't quickly show that once he's over the initial shock he focuses on his love for Sydney - despite not realizing she's his biological daughter. It never mattered with Allie when the twins were small and he was helping Sami raise them...it most certainly shouldn't matter now. They've already established this character has the capacity to love children despite having a genetic connection to him.

Good point about Chad and Mia, too. I have always found it very odd the way they've written Mia. There were times when she seemed very torn up about having given up her baby - but I think they've focused too strongly on the fact that Mia felt a bond to Grace (her true biological daughter) but not to Sydney. I get why - but I think it was overplayed.
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