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I have never had much sympathy for Mia for the reasons luvpumpkns describes. She willingly sold her baby illegally, without even telling the father she was pregnant, to a woman who she knew very little about except that she was faking a pregnancy, which even a teenager ought to grasp is not normal behavior. Then it wasn't until her Flashdance career in Japan didn't pan out (one of the greatest WTF? moments of this past year) that she decided she wanted to be around her baby.

As for Chad, I don't buy that he really wants his baby, like, to raise and to have. I think he's mostly pissed that Mia made all the decisions and to some extent this is a way to get back at her and also a way to reassert some control. I don't really believe that if EJ had handed him Sydney and said fine, you take her, that he would really have wanted to be her parent; I mean, I just don't have any reason to believe that he would.

As for Nicole and Chad, undoubtedly that is disgusting, as other spoilers indicate. I was furious with Dena for having Philip seduce teenage Melanie last year for information about Trent's murder, and I find this "manipulation" equally disturbing. I'm not sure how far it goes, but I wish this writing team would lose their enchantment with adults hooking up with teenagers, whether it's as part of a scheme or that they genuinely like them. The one bright spot for me is that unlike with Phelony, I don't think they're going to be revisiting Nicole/Chad down the road, though if there's any talk between them about seeing into each other's souls or whatever that nonsense is that Melanie spews right before I hit the FF button I'll be concerned.
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