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Oct 9 2009, 09:53 AM
I'm ok with this now because someone posted in another thread how it helps illuminate her character for those who don't know her. All we'd initially see otherwise is her killing someone. Now we see her compassion even for a total stranger- it's a decent move.

Also, they're at least linking her to a character with a HARDCORE fanbase (I say that with love). That way those viewers won't fast-forward her re-introduction. I mean, ain't no way they're missing Luis. And Carly saves him too, which makes her automatically awesome. That's kind of brilliant.

I'm not as thrilled with Rafe saving her, but whatever.

Is Bo going to have a vision about her return? Or did he have one and I missed it?
I was the one who posted that in the other thread. And it's totally working! There will be a lot of new fans 'rooting' for Carly now because she's saved Rafe, who she doesn't know. She has to be a good woman right? Otherwise she would just let him drown. Now there has to be a 'good' reason for the stabbing of her husband that we saw in that horrible debut scene and we all want to hear about it and sympathise with her - despite never laying eyes on her before because we were not watching when she was on the show over 16? years ago!

This was an extremely clever move from the writers IMO. :applause: And if Carly is Chad's mother I'll upgrade the comment to a brilliant move on behalf of the writers as the baby switch will be of real interest to her with Sydney [really Grace] being Chad's daughter etc. Even after she has connected again with Bo, Vic etc.

Also it looks like Sami will be at Grace's grave asking her to look after Rafe at the time Carly rescues him....and if it works out that Carly was her Grandma how amazing is that story....well maybe the writers aren't that clever - but hey maybe they are. :laugh:
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