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I find it hilarious that EJ is the shit here. He is shell-shocked. He has been betrayed by Nicole and Sami. He thought he had this "family" only to find it is all based on lies. He explained very clearly what he is thinking. He admitted to Lexie how much he loves his daughter and how connected to her he feels, but, he is terrified. So far in his life, the only love that has not been hurtful has been his love for Johnny. He thinks this child could be ripped away from him. As an attorney, he knows the hold he has on the baby is not legal. No adoptions papers were ever signed by him( or anyone). The other babythief Rafe did not give Nicole phony adoption papers for that baby. So EJ thinks that he cannot stand one more blow. He doesn't want to be devastated all over again by the baby "true" parents.

All of this is Nicole's fault. She stole another woman's baby. She lied to the man she claimed to love. She said she did all this for him. Yet when push comes to shove, her love of herself and her need to keep the child she stole overrides EJ's right to the truth.

This latest scheme with Chad is more of the same. It seems Nicole plans to seduce Chad, a teenager, to get her way. Same old Nicole, only this one whines and blames everyone for the mess her sorry life is in-even Brady.

IMO, for all his faults EJ is not the villain here, Nicole is and only Nicole. The rest of the group are mere pawns in the nasty game of "Let's Steal a Child".
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