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Awesome show today!
I think EJ shut everyone up and just put it out there that he considers Sami's lies and Nicole's lies the same! The man is right...they both lied and concealed a child from him. Loved that EJ kept putting Sami in her place with it. Awesome! Great interaction with those two!
Totally surprised that Sami is trying to get EJ to realize that Nicole really loves him, loved him admitting that he truly loved her...but he is done with her. Many places to go from here for them. JS is doing great with the emotions!
Johnny sleeping and sucking on his thumb was precious!

Oh, and we got some Bricole! :wub:
Delusional Nicole, but I love how Brady stood up for himself, knowing that Nicole is lashing out. Loved Nicole's talk at the end. The writers are going to good lengths to keep her character sympathetic.
I am just enjoying the shit out of this whole reveal and character interactions! I hope it keeps up being this good!

Only one thing: can we please get Nicole in a new dress. I hate that red/grey tent thing.

Melanie and Nathan were pretty cute, and I am just so glad we had two characters have a date. With a smooch at the end. No screwing, no lies, just a slow building fun relationship with chemistry. Slightly dull, but given that, I am happy with Melanie and Nathan. But since I don't want Phillip and Stephanie, I am not sure who to root for. I kind of like Phillip and Melanie...but its all wrong for them.

Loved Maggie giving Phillip the finger. LOL!
Great week! That's how my show should be!
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