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Dr. Chip
Oct 9 2009, 05:57 PM
It's just so out of character. That's what I hate about it.

The Bo/Hope relationship has been weird ever since she came back from the dead (which was 15 years ago). Bo wanting to stay with Billie over Hope was out of character for Bo; the Bo/Billie and Hope/Franco crap was out of character for both of them; and then the Bo/Billie and Hope/Patrick fiasco was so disgusting. Now the new regime is continuing the tradition of trashing Bo and Hope, first with the visions story where Kayla was shot and now with this garbage.

I'm all for Carly being back, and I'm all for any tension that she might cause for the Bradys, but this setup with Hope behaving this way is too stupid for words. It's hard to invest in a story when the premise is so flawed.
I gotta agree with you! :wave: It's ridiculous how the only storyline they can only come up with these two great actors/characters is the interloper story! :shithitfan: The battle lines are already being drawn and we haven't even started this STUPID story! Like I mentioned in an earlier thread! During the plane crash storyline, both Peter and Kristian estastic to have a story that DIDN"T involve a third party! :cheer: They both we're quoted as saying that after all these years Bo & Hope were beyond that! However, the writers are once again taking us down this dreaded path! :frustration: I've read on some boards where this is the last draw for some fans and they are turning Days off! :frownie: I hope this is not true. However, I am barely hanging on to Days right now. I hope they turn this crappy story around soon and make it worth all the divisiveness it has already caused with their fanbase! :hug: JMO
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