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Oct 9 2009, 03:53 PM
Oct 9 2009, 01:30 PM
Oct 9 2009, 12:26 PM
OMG! Is anyone else salivating for a Philip/Melanie pairing as much as I am? The show is driving me nuts this week! It's about time Philip came around but is it too late?

Either way, PLEASE keep him away from wet blanket Stephanie.

Philip & Melanie FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm here. I love Philip/Melanie. Such intense chemistry and passion between them. Wow...
Also,I have to say, in yesterday's Philip/Melanie/Kate scenes, I saw shades of the old-school Sami/Lucas/Kate scenes. Kate always hated Sami, and Sami went toe to toe with her. Then Lucas would come in to break up their fight. Melanie and Kate arguing was like deja vu to me. Then Philip coming in to break it up.Loved it!!!
In this scenario: Philip=Lucas Melanie=Sami Kate= well, Kate,lol.
I loved it and I want to see more. Lauren and Molly are great in the rivalry scenes. And could you just see the Melanie/Victor scenes? Melanie living at the mansion?LMAO! More PHELANIE, please! :cheer:
I agree Kate vs. Mel could have the same intensity as Kate vs. Sami, but Iīm seriously torn who should be the end couples. There is a lot of potential with Phillip and Mel and I can totally see why would Phillip be attracted to her, but Phillip and Steph are classic tortured romance and itīs clear they will always love each other so I think they deserve to have their happyend eventually. And next there are Nathan and Mel who are just really funny and cute young couple, but I canīt help and feel serious passion and desire in the way Nathan looks at Steph and itīs not there when he is with Mel. And I felt real connection and understanding between Nathan and Steph. So, I really donīt know who I want with who which I quess is the purpose of this quadrangle.

For now I quess I really want them to explore Mel and Phillip, because just seeing Mel deeling with Victor and Kate on daily basis would be great fun. And I want something serious to develop between Nathan and Steph. And next, who knows.
Holysmokes, 4 whole people that actually like Melanie and Phillip? However, I do agree with the poster who commented that Phillip comes off a little creepy at times.

Was Melanie drunk off of one sip of a virgin margarita?

You can see how really beaten down EJ is, it looks like he's been crying for days but his lip smacking is working my last nerve.

In the scene the other day between Dan and Kate, did she ask him if he's been "hitting the bong"?
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