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Oct 9 2009, 08:05 PM
Oct 9 2009, 07:37 PM
Oct 9 2009, 07:14 PM
Dumbest promo I've seen in awhile.

Seriously, cannot believe this is the best they can do for Bo and Hope.

What do you do if love isn't enough? Really?!
it is the worst ever. and the bad part is the way they seem to throw Hope under the bus to try and make Carly more appealing. so I guess were supposed to be buying into Bo and another ex wife. remember they also said when Billie blew back into town that she wasn't coming back for Bo either and that was one disaster after another not to mention when things wern't bad enough they dug up the swamp child to make Hope look like a shrew. Hope always has to look bad in order to bring one of Bo's women back.ugh
You are soooo right!! They always make Hope really insecure too....thinking that he's going to leave her for the ex. How many times have we seen this story? Megan, Britta, Billie and now Carly. Who is left??

All I know is that if they are going to pair up Bo with Carly...then at least give Hope a little integrity and let her be with a man that isn't a thug or ex-con. Someone who is on Bo's level would be a nice place to start!! I'm not opposed to Hope and Justin (if they really are going to break up Bo and Hope)...I just don't want to see them have an affair while they are married to other people.
I do not want a repeat og the Zack death soryline because thats the peoblems they are having now. but the Hope I have always known since she first came to Salem was not afraid of confrontation she didn't run from problems and she sure wasn't one to be angry over everything all the time. she would stand toe to toe with Bo making her point to him and if anyone would leave out of frustration it was usually Bo. but this is to make Carly look appealing and it is an injustice to a much beloved character(Hope). at first I too was excited to see Hope get what she deserved and the more this plays out the more disgsuted I am becoming watching Hope become a victim so Carly can be attractive to Bo. the conversation between Bo and Victor Monday is proof that Bo just might fall into the stupid category again with one of his ex's.
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