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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 9 2009, 07:52 PM
Brady and Nicole is totally where it's at. Love them together. Eric Martsolf has made me love a character i once couldn't stand.
Same here!

Never really enjoyed KL's Brady at all. :wub: Bricole :wub: Brady's such a dumbass though taking Nicole's side in everything. I can't wait til he finds out Nicole switched the kids after all he's done to bail her ass out and cover her ass and stick up for her. And I can't wait to see what EJ does to get revenge on his ass. Nicole, on the other hand, needs a fucking straightjacket with her "You're mine... and I'm never gonna let you go." I hope Sami has her committed for a while when she finds out the truth cause bitch is CRAZY. Poor Sydney.

The EJami scenes were SOOOOOO kickass. JS and AS are really hitting it out of the park. And it's funny how they have 180'd where Sami sticks up for Nicole and EJ hates her guts. Loved EJ reminding Sami that she kept a secret like this from him too. Loved Sami pointing out what upsets EJ the most is that Nicole outsmarted him. That's soooo true. And as much as it kind of sucks they are dragging out the reveal even longer I did like it when Sami and EJ were just standing there saying the only question is who are Sydney's real parents. D'oh. EJ is seriously breaking my heart with how hard he is taking all of this. I can't wait to see what he does next. That scene with Johnny in his lap was just too damn adorable for words.

I don't know where I come down on the Stephanie/Phillip/Melanie/Nathan quad.

Stephanie as a character just feels so lost with Chelsea, Max and her parents gone IMO. She and Phillip are still super pretty together but as much as I've tried to root for them in the past, it just seems like in the end she's just too goody goody for Phillip. Loved their scene with Phillip telling her he's finally realized they're not right together. At least character-wise, although I'm still not sure about the chemistry, I think Stephanie probably does belong with Mr. Horton more than Mr. Kiriakis.

While I still don't know for sure about Phillip and Melanie, I don't really have any problem with Melanie and Phillip's age difference. Mainly, I just haven't been sold to this point that Phillip was going after Melanie as anything other than a rebound or consolation prize or as a way to get back at Steph. She is pretty cute with Nathan, too, though. I just don't know.

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