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Oct 9 2009, 09:53 AM
I'm ok with this now because someone posted in another thread how it helps illuminate her character for those who don't know her. All we'd initially see otherwise is her killing someone. Now we see her compassion even for a total stranger- it's a decent move.

Also, they're at least linking her to a character with a HARDCORE fanbase (I say that with love). That way those viewers won't fast-forward her re-introduction. I mean, ain't no way they're missing Luis. And Carly saves him too, which makes her automatically awesome. That's kind of brilliant.

I'm not as thrilled with Rafe saving her, but whatever.

Is Bo going to have a vision about her return? Or did he have one and I missed it?
Bo told Justin or Roman (Cant remember which) That after he took that hard blow to the head rescuing Ciara, he does no expect any more visions.. So I think that hit to to his noggin was simply an excuse from the writers to do away with those silly things **thank god**
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