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Oct 10 2009, 09:38 AM
I'm actually enjoying Ej getting kicked while he is down. I like this boy when he's bad and if this whole switch doesn't do it for him, nothing will. Ej just didn't excite me when he's was trying to be all goody goody. It was to forced like the Lucas n Chloe match. Pukefest! Maybe Ej will stick to his word and except what was left of his heart is gone. So hopefully all this lying crap will push him so far over the edge he makes his fatha look like a saint. Now that's an EJ I can dig! Druglore n all!

EJ is down, but don't hold your breath about him becoming evil. I think you will be disappointed.

IMO this is a storyline about his redemption, not him becoming evil. I always belived that, and his latest conversation with Lexie reinforced my belief. He said something like "why didn't she talk to me? Am I such a brute?". This is about EJ "looking at his reflection in the mirror" and recognizing why two women he loves chose to decieve him.

I like EJ gray. His character is about someone "with a heart" that had been conditioned to be a "pawn" who is always fighting against his conflictions. The good conquers, it did before, and it will again. EJ is a Dimera, but so is Lexie and so was Tony. And neither of them were evil.

Rafe will stay around (this is what the wishing for an evil EJ comes from IMO), and maybe he'll be paired off with Carly and we can all enjoy him. Here's hoping.
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