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Oct 10 2009, 07:21 PM
EJ's in pain yes, what Nicole has done is terrible but putting Sydney out on the streets with Nicole because he is scared of the pain of losing her to her real parents is pathetic, selfish and cowardly. And in my opinion very un-Dimera like, they are fighters. It's the act of a deadbeat Dad if ever there was one. :drunk: And so what if he has been drinking heavily? He stone cold sober in Monday's eppy and Sydney'a still out on her ass with her Mom. Very self centred. :soapbox:
EJ is in shock. He has so much to work through. He's not thinking with his heart right now or he'll fall apart. He's thinking with his head. He's thinking facts. He's thinking 'my wife deceived me, can't trust her anymore, without trust there's no marriage', 'sydney isn't mine, I don't have any legal rights to her anymore, I can't look after her anymore, I have no right to love her anymore'. If he was a true brute, he would hand Syd over to Chad after Nicole comes clean rather than telling Nicole to leave with Syd. Once he gets over the initial shock and starts to let himself feel, he'll want Syd back even if he still thinks she's Chad's, I'm sure.
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