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Okey, so what storyline would you want for them?
I would have preferred that Hope be the one kidnapped and in danger, instead of Ciara. This sets them up for a dramatic and romantic rescue.. Ofcourse the whole Ciara kidnapping thing was done very poorly, so without a better story it wouldnt have mattered..

Or Maybe HOPE gets sick, or shot.. if written well they could have lots of Drama revolve around that.

The way they are writing for them they both come off as kinda pathetic in different ways.
Hope being kidnapped has been done so many times before, I don't even know how many.

She's been kidnapped by Stefano 1990-1994, Jude St Clair in 1996, Stefano in 1999, Princess Gina and Kurt in 1999-2000, Larry Welch in 2002, Andre in 2004, Andre in 2005, Patrick in 2006, Ava in 2008. Those are the ones I can think of right now.
Thank you. :hail:

This is the problem with the supercouples. When they are at their peak they are written as perfect - they understand each other, they are in love with each other, they are always able to communicate and love each others fault. Itīs a fairy tale ending, except itīs not ending and any attempt to create conflict after that is always disappointment and out of character because there is just only way to go from perfect and thatīs down. The fans can either accept that and enjoy the story and the acting, or force the show to create more and more absurd plot devices just to give them something ultimately ridiculing them so much majority of viewers have no problem when they are written out.

Carlyīs return is the best thing which could happen to Bope fans. She will provide them with atleast a year, maybe more of meaningful story and gives them a chance to be frontburner again. Otherwise, they would be eventually either written out or replaced Tom and Alice in the position of that cute supporting old married couple.


The thing I don't understand is how some think there isn't reason here for Bope to breakup. First off, as Days4Life pointed out, they never did solve their issues stemming from Zack's death. That was one of the things Hogan disappointed me on at the time. He only resolved the Hope and Chelsea conflict. Bo and Hope never really talked things out and worked through everything. It was all kind of slept under the rug because they had to deal with the ending of the Patrick stuff and Ciara being born. Then we didn't see them hardly at all for months and when they were brought back in the mix they were thrown into the Brady/Dimera stuff. The issues were never truly worked out and that is why I am glad the show has had both Bo and Hope allude to that fact. I hope the show continues to mention the issue of Zack's death going forward.

Also, Bo and Hope have ALWAYS had trust issues going back to when they first got together in the 80's. He was always keeping her in the dark about things because he felt it was best or that she couldn't handle it and Hope has ALWAYS acted like an extreme bitch when she didn't like how he handled something or when he kept something from her. What is happening now is not out of character for either of them. In fact, it's about time the show use the internal conflict that has always existed to further story between them. I'm so excited they finally are and the best part is you have two past characters in Justin and Carly that share chemistry with the both of them and that are likable so fans can deal with them possibly being paired with them, especially Carly and Bo who have fans and are very popular.

The Ciara kidnapping situation brought all their issues to the surface and here you have a story that is driven by the characters of Bo and Hope and the conflict that exists between them. It's a good soap story. Nothing is being forced. Neither Justin or Carly has any romantic interest in Hope or Bo right now. It's all being played naturally and set up beautifully.

I can't wait to see the Bo and Hope stuff this week. The promo woman that is on Twitter said the Bo and Hope stuff this week is fantastic.
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