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Hanging Out with Arianne Zucker - Part One
October 09, 2:59 PM

If you're as much of a "Days of our Lives" fan as I am, you've been enjoying what you are seeing on your television screens. That is mostly to the credit of James Scott and Arianne Zucker. These two actors have been on fire with their scenes and I can promise you all that they are just going to get better.

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I wanted to sit down and chat with Ari and talk about her current heavy storyline and how much her character has evolved throughout the years in Salem. Keeping in mind that Ari is one of the most sincere actresses I've ever met in this business, it's always a pleasure to sit down and catch up. She's always welcoming and while interviewing her, you can't help but forget that you're there doing a job and not just having a conversation with a friend you haven't seen in awhile. Hope you enjoy the first half of my interview and look forward to the second half next week!

Days Insider: Do you prefer emotional storylines like the one you are currently working with or more of the lighter stuff that you had earlier?

Ari: I think it depends on what the story is and how you are going to take it and run with it. I love a challenge, but the fluffy stuff is fun and it's a nice comedy relief for us, because we don't get to do a lot of comedy on soaps. But, as an actress, throw whatever you got at me. Challenge me.

Days Insider: The scenes that you and James have been shooting have been amazing. Do you do a lot of rehearsing beforehand, or just go with your emotions as soon as you start filming?

Ari: I think now that James and I have worked so much together, we have earned a certain amount of trust with one another. We'll discuss certain things about the scenes, because we both come in with strong ideas. We try not to tell each other what we will do, just go with it. Not a lot of actors are like that, they like to be more prepared. Of course, when the scene calls for something physical, you have plan ahead. But, when it comes to emotional fights, I'd like to think we both like to surprise each other. There have been times when I'm like, "Woah, I didn't see that coming," and then I throw it right back at him.

Days Insider: How have has it been acting with the babies? (Sydney is played by twins.)

Ari: You have to make sure you have a connection with them outside work, and I spend time with them. I play with them beforehand, just to get them comfortable with me. That really helps, because now whichever baby I have a scene with, she just comes to me. Boy do they let us know when it's time for a break, but most of the time, they are a dream to work with and I feel fortunate that they like me.

Hope you enjoyed the first half of my interview with the always-lovely Arianne Zucker. Make sure to check back next week as Ari talks more about dealing with emotional scenes and one of her favorite storylines of all time. In the meantime, feel free to share with me your favorite Nicole Walker DiMera moments throughout the years on Days of our Lives.

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