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I'm not getting into a Rafe EJ contest..but I do have to comment on EJs actions with regards to Sydney. Regardless of biology, he and Nicole raised that little girl for 9 months. He was uber protective to her up until they were in France for their honeymoon. Now, Nicole's lies come out and he dumps the baby? HUH?

I had expected EJ would have dumped Nicole. He doesnt forgive (but has had been forgiven.) I'm sad that the writers chose to write EJ this way. He comes out looking like an asshole...plain and simple.

He just validated what Nicole has always been saying- that the would never accept a baby that wasnt blood related. Add to the fact that she also said that he married her for Sydney.

It just really doesnt make sense for a DiMera to be afraid of ANY ONE taking what's "theirs." They fight with everything they have..and not cower to others.

I'm not saying he shouldnt be upset...but he should have the opposite reaction....taking Sydney from Nicole and throwing her out....not rejecting Sydney!
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