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Viewing Single Post From: SOD/SOW: Chad learns Sydney is "his".
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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Oct 12 2009, 11:31 AM
i think he loved allie because she was sami's child. sydney has no connection to him or anyone he loves as far as he knows, so he threw her out on the street. i'm an ej fan, but his behavior towards this little girl is despicable. i don't see how it can be argued any other way.
Oh, I'm not defending EJ's actions toward Sydney or arguing that they are okay. That's why I said I think it's an unfortunate writing choice. I just don't believe that a character that has been proven to be able to unconditionally love a child that wasn't his in the past would suddenly be able to turn off his love for a child he's been raising for months, believing to be his own. It makes no sense to me.
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