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LOVED victor's von bulow reference today. it was especially apt since von bulow was sleeping with soap actress alexandra isles from dark shadows when his wife died.

i can't believe chloe didn't throw a fit when kate laid into her today about lucas. i know if i were chloe, i would have upended that entire table into kate's lap.

ej is acting like such a spoiled little baby. i can't believe he had the nerve to justify dumping sydney along with nicole because nicole destroyed the last little part of his heart left. give me a freaking break. he just doesn't want sydeny because she isn't his biologically related to him, and some cold part of his heart is too ashamed to admit that out loud i guess. i don't think i've ever disliked ej as much as i do know. if any part of him ever cared for that baby, he'd take her from nicole and throw her out on her ass alone.

i like the way they're slowly revealing more and more to the carly/lawrence argument. i'm guessing that chad might eventually play into this storyline, with perhaps his bio mother being carly and his bio father being either lawrence or bo. i'm not sure, but i'm surprised one of these teens hasn't been tied to someone on the canvas by now, so i'm guessing maybe the son they referenced is chad, especially since carly mentioned that lawrence had deprived her of the right of being a mother.
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