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oh, yeah, i'm sorry. i was referring to the poster that mentioned that they couldn't believe people were blaming this on ej. i can't help but to blame ej, because he doesn't have to throw the baby out along with nicole. he even went so far today as to say 'i regret that sydney will grow up without a father, but i can no longer be a party to your lies.' that's pretty damn cold. i am starting to see now why nicole might go on the run with the baby. i honestly wouldn't want ej finding out he was her father either. i've said a lot of things about sami's fitness as a parent, but i also know that if she had learned grace wasn't hers, she would still love her and want to raise her. so would rafe, much as i can't stand the guy. it saddens me, i mean, really, really saddens me to say that ej obviously isn't a decent person in any way shape or form. maybe he will wake up in two days and want sydney back. i don't know. that will go partway to redeeming him, but as far as he knows, that little girl that he called his for months and months is sleeping in a gutter tonight, hungry and crying. how he can live with himself, i have no idea.

ETA: i do agree that this is shitty writing to the extreme. they have written ej in the past to care pretty much unconditionally for his children, even allie, and at times will, without them having any bio connection to him. but the story is what it is, unfortunately.
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