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Oct 12 2009, 12:24 PM
I ask this to all who are "out there" with children.

If your child was taken after you gave birth, ON PURPOSE, would you want to know? Would you want your child back - even if the person raising your child loved it completely and they were the only mother your child knew?

Would you feel compassion for the person that took your child or would you press charges?

I know this show is not real, but I find it funny how so many have so much compassion for Nicole! I love Ari and she is a great actress, but I think Nicole is bad bad bad.

I would feel completely different if she kept Mia's kid, but she did not. I get how she wanted to give EJ's kid back to him, but she should have told him when doing so. I believe she is completely motivated by her own selfishness so that Nicole gets what Nicole wants.
The argument that Nicole just wanted to make sure EJ had his kid never held up for me. If that was all she really wanted to accomplish, she would have just told EJ that she found out Sami was pregnant. But deep down she must have known what would happen if EJ found out Sami was having his baby.
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