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Oct 12 2009, 12:21 PM
Again, I'm not defending EJ's reaction to the news - but the simple fact is, Nicole is allowing him to believe that Sydney is not his biological daughter because it best suits her needs. All of this begins and ends with Nicole's actions and reactions. So to say that she now has reason to doubt that Sydney would be well loved and cared for by either EJ or Sami is basically a mute point and only gives her another convenient excuse. It is not based on the reality of the situation - which is that she knows EJ does love Sydney and is only questioning his role in her life (and hers in his) because of Nicole's manipulations.

luckily(or unluckily, however you want to look at it) nicole's lies and manipulations revealed ej to be the kind of man most didn't suspect he could be--a person capable of loving a child as his own for close to a year, then dumping her like yesterday's trash the second he learns she isn't related to him.

it pains me to admit that sami was right about ej, but maybe she was the only one that realized what kind of a person ej is, and it appears that she was right(altho perhaps for the wrong reasons) to keep her child from ej. i'm sorry, but only a monster could do to sydney what ej did today. so don't expect me to shed one tear over the fact that he is seperated from his biological child. in fact, i am supremely enjoying the irony surrounding the fact that he is kicking one of his precious heirs to the curb without knowing it. i will probably change my mind eventually, but right this second, i honestly couldn't care less if ej ever sees sydney again as long as he lives. that baby deserves better.

even if he changes his mind tomorrow, or next week, or next year, it won't change the fact that he threw her out into the street. imagine how one of you would feel if you found out your father tried to get rid of you because he thought you weren't his child for a little while. it doesn't matter if you understand why he would do that. it's hurtful behavior and inexcusable to treat a child that way.
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