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Oct 12 2009, 12:38 PM
Oct 12 2009, 12:31 PM

Lets make this a bit more accurate.

How would you feel if the wife of the father of your child had taken the child you were going to hide from him and raise it with another man and switched it with another child so that she could raise it with the biological father?

How does that make it any different - or accurate? If you are saying Nicole's motivation was to allow EJ to raise his biological child that pretty much gets thrown out the window now that she's allowing him to believe that Sydney is NOT his, in order to cover her own ass.

It's pretty clear now that as much as that might seem to soften it, EJ raising his own child was not Nicole's primary motivation.

Cover her own ass?
You have forgotten that the writers have established that her initial reason to remain silent after Grace's death was to protect EJ from losing full custody of Johnny and Sydney. The writers also established that this was not some grand scheme, that poor choice just after her miscarriage, her inability to face the truth and admit that she had lost their child, led to one lie that led to another and another.

The fact that Nicole switched the babies indicates that she was motivated by a desire to give EJ his own child. If she just wanted any child she never would have bothered to switch Sydney with Grace and had she not, EJ never would have ever known that he had another daughter because Sami was intent on raising his child with Rafe.

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