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Oct 12 2009, 12:55 PM
I don't really think this boils down to biology really. EJ does LOVE her. I think the writers have established this in what he has said to Lexie and Sami about his feelings for her. I think he is afraid because he knows she can be taken away from him as he has no biological or legal tie to her. The writers wrote that for a REASON!

and the writers have also written ej as determined. he as always, always, always, been willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. he killed eve michaels, tortured steve with a stupid tarot card, blackmailed sami into havign sex with him, considered running belle down, tried to kill lucas, kidnapped stephanie...i mean the list goes on and on.

and now i'm expected to believe that poor wittle ej is scared that someone might take sydney from him, even though he's no stranger to bribing judges and government officials when it suits him. what is it--three times he's used bribery to get something to go his way legally? four? five? i've lost count. i'm an ej fan--have been since the day he knocked on sami's apartment door, but i can't excuse this. and i won't. if he wanted sydney, he would make it happen, no matter what the cost. but he doesn't want her--well, at least not nearly as badly as he wanted sami or johnny.
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