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I think that this whole "EJ is so mean for throwing Sydney out with Nicole" is pointless. Don't the spoilers say that he has a change of heart?

EJ is hurting. He's been deceived by the two women he loved and trusted the most and thinks he has two dead children. His father is hanging on for his life in the hospital. I think that he deserves some slack. Not to mention that he's convinced that Sydney is Nicole's ticket to his fortune. After all, he's been warned by all.

Nicole is plain crazy. She had a breakdown of sorts when she had her miscarriage and her thinking is not that of a normal, rational human being. Plus, she is selfish. "It's all about me, I deserve to be happy" are phrases uttered by the character thoughout this storyline. IMO she's headed for a major breakdown soon, where she will endanger both her and Sydney's life. And voila!! Her redemption.

Bottom line, Sami and EJ deserve her daughter back, and Sydney deserves to be with her real parents. They are both great parents, and whether or not they will end up together, THEY should parent their child.

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