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Lets make this a bit more accurate.

How would you feel if the wife of the father of your child had taken the child you were going to hide from him and raise it with another man and switched it with another child so that she could raise it with the biological father?

How does that make it any different - or accurate? If you are saying Nicole's motivation was to allow EJ to raise his biological child that pretty much gets thrown out the window now that she's allowing him to believe that Sydney is NOT his, in order to cover her own ass.

It's pretty clear now that as much as that might seem to soften it, EJ raising his own child was not Nicole's primary motivation.

Cover her own ass?
You have forgotten that the writers have established that her initial reason to remain silent after Grace's death was to protect EJ from losing full custody of Johnny and Sydney. The writers also established that this was not some grand scheme, that poor choice just after her miscarriage, her inability to face the truth and admit that she had lost their child, led to one lie that led to another and another.

The fact that Nicole switched the babies indicates that she was motivated by a desire to give EJ his own child. If she just wanted any child she never would have bothered to switch Sydney with Grace and had she not, EJ never would have ever known that he had another daughter because Sami was intent on raising his child with Rafe.

If Nicole was all that concerned about EJ raising his own child - why not simply tell him when she found out that Sami was carrying his baby? Why break her promise to Mia (and Grace)? She could have carried on with her own deception (as wrong as it was) and still enabled EJ to know about and be involved in the life of the daughter he shares with Sami. But instead, she switched the babies because she did not want Sami and EJ to have another link - another tie to bind them. There is just no way to realistically spin the baby switch to make Nicole come out looking like a sainted mother or doting wife. No matter how distraught she was after her miscarriage - it doesn't excuse strapping on pregnancy padding and spinning lie after lie in order to hang on to her desperate desire to have a baby or be a mother. The fact that she went even that far is hard to defend - but then add the additional layers of promising Mia that she would love and care for Grace, only to have her immediately dump her on a woman that many maintain she believes did not want the baby. People skewer Sami left and right for leaving the baby at the convent so she could cover her lie to EJ - but what Nicole did to Grace was far worse than that. And what she's doing to Sydney now is nearly as bad.

And I don't believe the writers ever established that Nicole's reason to keep the truth about Sydney from Sami and EJ after Grace died had anything to do with protecting EJ from losing custody. I know Stefano threatened that at one point - but how that might have turned out would have been anybody's guess. And the fact is, if Nicole had simply told EJ the truth she could have spared him from grieving over a daughter that wasn't really his and chances are, as hurt and angry as he was with Sami at the time, he might have continued to lie about Sydney being Sami's daughter. So there was no real threat that EJ would lose Johnny and Sydney - certainly no more then than now.

It wasn't Stefano that was threatening it. Stefano explained to Nicole in the hospital chapel after Grace died that SAMI could use the switch in a custody hearing against EJ for full custody of Johnny and Sydney.

Sami let Grace die without telling EJ that he was the father of her daughter. She had fully intended to raise that child with Rafe and NEVER tell EJ the truth so had Nicole told Sami that Sydney was her child it is highly probable that Sami and Rafe would have done all they could to secure full custody of Sydney and Johnny and cut EJ out completely.

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