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Oct 12 2009, 01:23 PM
Oct 12 2009, 01:09 PM
luvpumpkns -

Consider this. If he thinks Joe Shmoe is her biological dad, would he do anything to keep her away from Joe, just so he can keep her for himself? I don't think so. He doesn't want someone else to be deprived of a child just as he was deprived of Grace. He doesn't know the circumstances surrounding her birth. He doesn't know if she was taken from her parents - what he does know is that there was no real adoption, so whatever happened, was not done legally.

Of course he could "get" her in all kinds of illegal ways, but that doesn't mean that he would keep her away from a parent who may still want her. He doesn't know who the parents are or their motives - just that Nicole and Doc Baker schemed to get a baby.
well, what you said might make sense--except for the fact that in today's show, ej states, and i quote: 'i regret that sydney will have to grow up without a father, but i can no longer be a party to your lies.' so sydney being reunited with her biological father has never even crossed ej's mind. as he says today, he assumes sydney will grow up with no father at all.

as for the spoilers indicating that he changes his mind--i couldn't care less. he threw the kid, nicole, and their things out on the street. he doesn't know where they'll go or what they'll do for money, and he doesn't seem to care. he's had a night and part of a morning to think about his bond with sydeny. we saw him picking up her toys and books and staring off into theditance wistfully. so he has had ample opportunity to think of what he is doing to this little girl, and he made a bad decision anyway.
I haven't see todays epi yet, and it is disappointing he says that, but I do think he will change his mind. I think he just has so much anger towards Nicole, he can't see past it yet.

I still love EJ, flaws and all, and think after all he has been through with both of these horrible women and their numerous lies, he gets a free pass to act like an ass for hopefully a very short time. I trust that he will come to his senses and begin to turn his life around for the better for both of his children.
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