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Good show today.

It is just so weird seeing Carly on the TV again..and the flashbacks were such a nostalgic touch. And Bo and Victor talking about her. So cool. I liked how they have been revealing what led up to Carly and Lawrences fight...but if I have to see the stabbing one more time... ;)

Loved EJ sticking up for Nicole to Kate. Again, he shut us up and let us know that he knows Nicole loves that child more than anything.
And while watching the show, after he bent over to kiss her, I thought for sure EJ was going to pull Sydney out of Nicole's arms and shut the door on her. I agree, as much as I enjoy watching EJ, he is being rather an asshat to his daughter. Don't care if he is mad...in fact, I would expect him to take Sydney from Nicole in his anger. Instead he totally kicked them both out at night to be on their own. Great dramatic scene at the end with him at the door and Nicole crying and walking away!

Chloe and Kate? Why isn't Chloe slapping the shit out of Kate for poisoning her? Instead she is trading little snips with her? Weird. Nice seeing Lucas again.
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