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Oct 12 2009, 03:02 PM
There's a reason hearsay is inadmissible in court, and that's why I don't put any stock in what anyone says an actor said at a fan event. Not only because people often inaccurately report what they heard--intentionally or not--but because the actors undoubtedly shape their responses based on their understanding of the fan's preferences.

That being said, regardless of whether that person is a Lumi fan or not, I don't see how her post is a 100% made up fantasy when at least part of it can be verified. She said:
he said that RAFE will be the first to learn about the baby switch.
Those scenes where Rafe put two and two together and figured out the switch aired after the Greenville fan event, which happened in late July, so I honestly do not see how this poster can be called a liar based on that alone.

We have yet to know whether the other part of what she said--that Rafe tells Sami but not EJ--will come true. If it unfolds that way, then the only two statements that she made out of her post that I would classify as actual spoilers (as opposed to speculative discussion) would both be correct.

I maintain that anyone can throw enough shit at a wall and and see some of it stick. As I said, the very fact that the poster felt compelled to qualify their comments with the statement that if things didn't pan out it was because JS was lying to her makes everything suspect.

I questioned where it was stated that JS said that Rafe finds out the truth about the switch and tells Sami and EJ. Kitkat was kind enough to provide her source - which I highly doubt is reliable, much for the reasons you've stated. What is or isn't said at a fan event and to whom can be twisted and turned in a thousand different ways. The only exception I would make to the rule of dismissing what is reportedly said at fan events would be the things the actors have said during the Q&A sessions and in the online chats that have occurred. At that point the actors are aware they are speaking to a broader audience and/or their comments are put in writing. Beyond that, what is said in the meet and greet, autograph lines or at lunch or dinner is open to anyone's speculation.
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