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Oct 12 2009, 03:33 PM
Yeah, but I could take a stab in the dark about what I THINK is going to happen, and if part of it comes true, do I then become someone who is privy to spoilers or just a good guesser??

I think you have to take anything coming from a fan at a fan event with a grain of salt. They might not be trying to turn something around but I think it can happen. Just look at each one of us, we take the spoilers to mean different things. So JS could have said something to this person and it might be exactly what he said, or she could've taken it out of the context of what he was trying to say, or she could just spin it to her own liking.

And my point is that it really doesn't matter what her motivations were. If she was lying, or if JS was, she took the risk in posting it that people would dispute her version of events and that she might end up being wrong. So far, she's been correct. She might still be wrong about who Rafe tells. Whether it was because she just took a shot in the dark and got lucky or because JS told her exactly what she said he did, I don't know, but the point is that Rafe was, in fact, the first person (and to date, the only person) to figure out the switch.

I've heard plenty of statements that were allegedly made by JS at fan events, and they usually seemed to me to be shaped to fit the preferences of the listener. Whether that's because JS does it on purpose or because the listener hears and then passes on what she wants, I can't say. I'm not inside JS's brain and I don't have a stenographer available at every fan event to follow the actors around and put them under oath and transcribe their words exactly as given. I wish I did, because I bet it would be fascinating.
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