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I'm finally starting to get into Carly's return and I think it has to do with her interacting with this Omar guy. No, I don't care about this guy, but at least she has someone to talk to now and we can get something out of her and what's been going on. There's now someone, and not a complete stranger on a plane, that she can confide in. I liked Omar referring to Carly living on a boat before and I loved the flashback of Bo and Carly on the Fancy Face. I liked the flashbacks we got to her fight with Lawrence. It explained a lot. I'm glad they mentioned Nicholas, and Carly saying that he's an adult when Lawrence asked what their splitting up would do to him. At least that proves that Nicholas won't be deSORASed to high school age.

And people asked how they could casually bring Lawrence and Carly up without it feeling natural or it feeling forced. Today's scenes with Bo and Victor are how you do it. Today felt so natural with Bo and Victor talking about Lawrence and Carly. It didn't feel forced at all. It didn't feel unnatural to begin talking about Bo's former love, like so many people said it would. I think that Carly's first scene should've been right after Victor and Bo found out about Lawrence's death and then we see through Carly's flashbacks that she was the one that killed him and then we find out why like we're doing right now. It would've been a better return. Oh well... At least I'm finally getting into the story.

I hate Hope in this storyline. Why does the show insist on making Hope appear to be a bitch? Yes, I do like Hope when she's bitchy, but this is not the way I want to see her. She comes off as annoying. Ciara is telling her mother that she wants to go home and be with Bo, yet Hope keeps saying that Ciara is best away from Salem and in a different school? Shut up Hope! Just shut up and start fucking Justin and make me happy. ;)

I love Kate living at the mansion. Scenes like today are what I was hoping for and I'm glad we're getting them. Although it could be questioned, Kate showed concern for EJ and I like the way she took things into her own hands and had Nicole's belongings packed and set by the door. She's a meddling mother, even to her stepson, who at one point was her lover? Oy!

I'm so ready for EJ and Nicole to be over and done with each other. I never bought this couple. Ever.

Lucas, go back to sucking on your mommy's tit! He always comes off as such a little bitch.
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