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I questioned where it was stated that JS said that Rafe finds out the truth about the switch and tells Sami and EJ. Kitkat was kind enough to provide her source - which I highly doubt is reliable, much for the reasons you've stated. What is or isn't said at a fan event and to whom can be twisted and turned in a thousand different ways. The only exception I would make to the rule of dismissing what is reportedly said at fan events would be the things the actors have said during the Q&A sessions and in the online chats that have occurred. At that point the actors are aware they are speaking to a broader audience and/or their comments are put in writing. Beyond that, what is said in the meet and greet, autograph lines or at lunch or dinner is open to anyone's speculation.
The person who posted about her conversation with JS didn't even say that Rafe would tell EJ and Sami. She said that Rafe would tell Sami but not EJ, when the original comment made in this thread was that Rafe would tell Sami and EJ. Maybe that sounds like a how-many-angels-can-fit-on-the-head-of-a-pin argument to you, but when we're discussing the credibility of the original poster I think it's important to note exactly what she said. As I mentioned, she might be right, or she might be wrong, but we'll find out eventually. Even if she's wrong, it doesn't mean she made it up; she could have misunderstood him, or he could have misunderstood what she asked.
I guess I'm not sure what you're disputing here...is it that Kitkat twisted the words of this NBC poster and indicated that JS said Rafe would tell EJ and Sami? :shrug:

Either way, it seems it's been established that there is no verifiable, reliable resource to prove that JS said any such thing.
I'm disputing that the poster is automatically unreliable because she is a Lumi fan. There is no verifiable source that he did or didn't say any such thing. Unless you were at the Greenville event and were standing by JS's side and could hear every word he said to everyone who spoke to him and can remember everything he said during the entire event, I don't see how you can know that the poster is lying. As I pointed out, there are two statements she attributed to him that can fairly be classified as spoilers. One of them has happened as she said it would. The other has not yet happened. I don't see why I should assume that the poster is lying given that she's been right about one thing already. Maybe she's a lucky guesser, or maybe she simply reported what JS said.

I don't know why this has everyone in such a twist anyway. I've heard many claims made over the last couple of years of things that JS supposedly said at fan events. I have doubted the reliability of most if not all of those claims. This is a rare case I'm aware of in which JS supposedly gave out an actual spoiler and it turned out to be accurate.
I never said the poster is automatically unreliable because she is a Lumi fan. She said, "So take what you want from what was said--believe it or not-whatever--but he did say all those things to me. Maybe he decided to lie to me because he knows 100% certain that Im a Lumi??"

Doesn't it strike anyone as convenient to set up such a detailed, juicy sounding conversation filled with things that no one else has claimed to have heard an actor say - and then end the post with a disclaimer that if it doesn't come to pass he lied to me and here's why?

I think if you go back and review the spoilers that were coming to light just during the Greenville event you'll find we were learning that Rafe overheard Nicole on the phone with Doc Baker, etc. Lots of speculation was happening, as it always does, based on the spoilers as we get them. Some specs end up hitting the nail on the head, some are close, some are so far off the mark it's funny to look back on them. I don't think what she stated about Rafe finding out about the switch was a huge stretch at the time, but that's just me. However, we've yet to see anything else come from what she posted and Greenville was nearly three months ago.

And back to the original reason it all came up in this thread - someone stated that JS had said Rafe would find out about the switch and would tell EJ and Sami, as though that was a known fact. I asked for verification of where and when JS said that - and here we are. Evidently, he didn't.

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