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Oct 12 2009, 06:18 PM
Doesn't it strike anyone as convenient to set up such a detailed, juicy sounding conversation filled with things that no one else has claimed to have heard an actor say - and then end the post with a disclaimer that if it doesn't come to pass he lied to me and here's why?

I think 99% of what I hear reported back from fan events sounds awfully conveniently tailored to the listener's preferences. I think in part that's because actors are likely instructed by TPTB to give all fanbases hope, regardless of whether that fanbase has much to hope for--I know I've been told this by someone who used to work for a primetime show on another network (not NBC) and my guess is that's industry-wide. No producer wants to lose fans because an actors tells them to give up their ship. I recall hearing that Eric Martsolf told a Broe fan that they would love some upcoming Broe scenes, when Chloe first went into her coma. Well, those scenes may have been nice but if I were a Broe fan I'd have been sorely disappointed that there was no follow-up and in fact, Brady was helping Daniel be Chloe's hero. Now, was EM lying or implying that Broe 2: Love Renewed was on its way? No, I don't think so, but he sold the scenes as something exciting for Broe fans to keep watching for and the fans were as far as I recall hearing happy to hear it.

I didn't think her post was particularly detailed. Most of what she said sounded like she was just expressing what she wanted to happen or thought could happen and JS, in the manner of French Quarter psychics, absorbed that info and gave vague responses. I also don't know that nobody else heard it, or that nobody else asked him those same questions and he didn't reply the same way. I wasn't there. I just still don't see what's so controversial about it. Either she's going to be right, or she's going to be wrong about whether Rafe tells Sami and not EJ.

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