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Today's show was decent.

Finally they're giving some airtime (and lines!) to Carly. Her scenes with Omar were nice, and I loved the lengthened flashback of her fight with Lawrence. I totally called it re: him holding her captive like Victor did to Nicole. The question is, what did she do to make him want to punish her like that?

Victor and Bo's scenes were enjoyable. Lots of references to history.

Hope is a bitch. She gets on my nerves. This whole Bo/Hope breakup story is stupid. Couldn't the writers think of a better reason to have them on the outs?

LoL @ Nicole showing up at the mansion as if EJ was just going to kiss her on the forehead and welcome her back home. I love that crazy bitch. Her scenes with Chloe were weird though. I just don't buy their friendship. What (aside from being complete whores) do they have in common? Nothing at all, IMO.

Oh, and I enjoyed the Kate/EJ scene. I love that she's married to Stefano and living at DiMansion.
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