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Oct 12 2009, 09:46 PM
Oct 12 2009, 09:24 PM
I also disagree about Chloe and Nicole's friendship. Yes, it was forced at the beginning but it's been well over a year since they first became friends so I've come to accept them. They have enough in common, not that it matters. I have friends I barely have anything in common with. I don't think it matters much. They bonded over hating Sami in the beginning and they both also bonded over the difficult love lives they both had. There is plenty there to bring them together and have them be friends. They've both been through alot this year and supported each other so their friendship is pretty much solidified now.
I have to disagree. Nicole and Chloe's friendship still seems forced and unnatural to me. When they're in scenes together, they both seem so fake. And I wouldn't mind them being civil towards each other for the simple reason that they've both done so many things that make other citizens frown that they really don't have each other. That's why I really didn't mind their friendship in the beginning because that's how it was played. Yes, they shared a mutual disliking of Sami, but they also turned to each other because there was no one else. Their scenes did come off forced, and that was the point back then. The writers gave them dialogue that made mention of how fake they were being towards each other. Neither really trusted the other or liked the other, but they came together and supported each other because they had no one else. They were frenemies and I liked it. But now, that's not the case. These two are actually friends and I can't believe for one second Chloe, who is one of the most spiteful bitches in DAYS history, would forgive Nicole for everything she did to keep her and Brady apart.
I won't deny you make good points but, as I said, it's been a year. I've come to accept the fact that they are friends now and that the awkwardness and tension is gone now after all they've helped each other through in the past year. And I can see Chloe forgiving Nicole and letting it all go because of what she did to Brady while they were married. Chloe felt she deserved to be punished for the problems she and Brady had and his dissent into drugs and alcohol and felt enormous guilt. She was no longer in a position to judge Nicole so, in that case, I can buy her forgiving Nicole. That is especially true now considering what Chloe has done in the past year. They are both screwed up. It works IMO. I won't deny that it's forced but I can buy it and have come to look forward to their scenes. Maybe it's because I've just gotten used to it but there are reasons there that make it work IM
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