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No matter what led to that moment, and whatever fuelled her, what Nicole is doing now is wrong on so many different levels. She could have told EJ the whole extent of what she did and there would have been the possibility that he would forgive her and carry on with the lie to keep Sydney away from Sami. Nicole is clever enough to have convinced him that her lies were for him, that she had HIS best interests at heart, so on and so forth. With the 'I've lost another daughter' pain taken out of it, EJ may very well have come around.

Nicole is being selfish. She doesn't want to give Sydney up, even though she belongs with her biological father (who incidently loved her and raised her just as much as Nicole did) from the day she came home.

Some people are saying, 'how can you expect Sydney to be taken from the only mother she's ever known?' Either way she loses a parent (father or mother).... Telling the truth doesn't change the math in that respect. But telling the truth will also give her a mother (while still having A parent that she knows and loves). Sydney will have TWO parents. As it is, Sydney only has Nicole. Nicole is selfish and is not thinking of Sydney in the least.
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