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Hanging Out with Arianne Zucker - Part Two
October 13, 2:11 PM

I hope you enjoyed the first half of my interview with Ari and I'm sure by now, you can see why she's such a great person to sit and talk to. She's just as friendly as she is beautiful and even when playing the woman you want to hate, there is a little part of you that can't help but sympathize with her character and her quest for love and family. Now on to the second part of my interview:

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Days Insider: Are you getting any advice here about motherhood? (For the few of you who do not know, Ari is pregnant in real life.)

Ari: Yes, yes, yes! I really enjoy the advice, too. I love being around children, but still haven't had one of my own, yet. I used to work at a mommy and me-like gymnastics class when I was 17, my high school sweetheart got me the job, and talk about a rewarding job. I taught four month olds to seven year olds in different levels of classes. I felt that gave me a good boost into a little of what motherhood is like. I have my personal ideas of what kind of mother I'd like to be and I've talked to my girlfriends on their own mothering skills. I'll lift ideas from them on certain things. I do know for sure I believe in setting your kids up to succeed. I try to be as positive of a person as I can, already, when I wake up day to day, and I want to inject that into my daughter and future children, you know, in case if I have a litter; then again, I don't know how work will feel with me carrying a litter! It's always great to ask for advice, because how else are you going to learn anything?

Days Insider: Are there any secrets to handling such emotionally heavy scenes like the ones you have been dealing with recently?

Ari: I don't know if it's as much of a secret, as it is just being prepared as an actor in this kind of genre. We have film actors come here and say to us they don't get how we can do this level of acting day to day. It's easier when you have a short stint on our show. I think the only secret is to know your lines every day. If you have to keep thinking about what your next line is going to be, how are you going to be able to pull an emotion in, too? As tough of a teacher as he was, I got that from Stephen Book, who is a really great teacher and he's so right. You think about memorizing your lines and sure, as an actor, of course you have to do that, but he always said, "If you don't know the words, you CANNOT play." That's been stuck in my head since his classes. Then, here, when you start doing the scenes it all comes together. The group of actors I work with are wonderful, we go to lunch together, we hang out after work together, and the trust has been established; I think that's when those tough scenes really take off. That's the secret, I guess. It was a long story and don't know if there was a definite answer in there, but there you go!

Days Insider: We have seen your character evolve throughout the years in Salem, do you have a favorite storyline of all time?

Ari: The run right now is by far my favorite. But, if I was to go and look back at storylines, I can say I loved working with John Aniston. I loved our scenes. Once we established who we were, those fighting scenes were great. His one-liners were classic and the constant bickering was so much fun. John is such a funny man and he delivers the best funniest jokes as Victor Kiriakis, while keeping a straight face. I couldn't tell a joke as good as him to save my life, because he's so good at it. Looking back, I think our characters were married for four years, so anything that had to do with John Aniston is one of my best times. During those years, I loved when Nicole was trying to sneak out through her bedroom window and Victor catches her and walks up to me and I'm thinking he's going to yank me back in, but instead he pushed me right out the window. All of this rehearsed, of course, but the look on his face when he does it was priceless. I felt like a cartoon character in that scene.

As always, thanks for checking out the blog and leaving your comments about the interview. As promised, you are in for some fabulous scenes involving Ari, James, and Alison that will keep you glued to your television screens for days to come.

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