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Oct 13 2009, 08:58 PM
Oct 13 2009, 08:05 PM
Reason, I don't think so conscience, maybe-- of course one that he listens too and usually does the opposite. But look at next week, she decides to help Nicole flee with Sydney. Does it really sound like she thinks he should be anywhere near Sydney? It was a week ago, I think that we saw Sami at Grace's grave saying that she wouldn't know she would have done if Grace was an only child. Think about this that is what Sydney is to Nicole, her only child, the only child she's gonna get. And Sami knows how much she loves that child, when it comes to the big reveal I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't Sami that does the forgiving of Nicole.
If Sami forgives Nicole it will be proof positive that these writers have absolutely no clue who the character is or what the viewers want. If someone stole my child and raised her right under my nose for nearly a year - during which time they also watched the baby I thought was mine die and comforted me in my grief - there would be nothing and no one that could ever get me to accept that they 'loved' my baby or deserve one ounce of compassion or forgiveness. I find it unbelievable that any fan of Sami would be happy to see her forgive Nicole - whether they are a EJami, Safe or just a straight Sami fan.
I didn't say I'd be happy with it, I couldn't do it. But we've seen a side of Sami, that isn't really knew. And I don't mean it's the same lady we've seen since the twins were born, it's the Sami she always was. What I always saw, Samantha J. Brady, the biggest heart on the show. She always been this heart, she just took awhile to learn how to fill it and feel it. I remember her telling Rafe how she was always trying to feel love, that what the schemes were mostly about trying to feel love-- from her mom & dad; from all the guys she loved before who either just plain betrayed her, left her, or made her feel unworthy; and spreading throughout most of the citizens of Salem. This is why I've always been a Sami fan, she the woman that's always been trying to overcome. With every week I've seen more and more the Sami that I always new she was, yeah for Sami! And thank to Alison Sweeney, for making her such a beloved character to so many...
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