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Oct 14 2009, 09:26 AM
Sorry, but the only heart Sammi Gene has is for her own!

The girl came to town blaming her sister for being prettier, more popular then her. She looks at the guy next door, whos way older then her (Austin) and decides to claim him even though it was CLEAR that he had eyes for his sister....Carrie, got in the way...no problem, just make her life a living hell for 10 years chasing someone who clearly loved someone else.

I just loved how judgmental she was on Friday when she criticizes Nicole's lie...saying some shit like "I've never gone that far?" HUH?? ARE YOU KIDDING?? I just picture the Stan SL...that was all kinds of wrong...she broke federal, state and international laws impersonating a soldier! Please, sell it to someone that cares!

But, I gotta say, I do see a maturity in Sami recently. While shes not chasing tail, I have seen some sympathy, responsibility and dare I say understanding. No way could I have said those things about her last year.

If this character is going to be on DAYS incessantly, why does she have to be bipolar? There should be a maturation and for pete's sake give this woman some ambition to get a job, go to school and get an insta-career! Then I can maybe..just maybe tolerate her.
I think we have seen a big change in Sami over the past year or two, and especially since she has met Rafe and Grace died. On the shows lately I have seen her thinking of others and putting their wants and needs above her own, including those of Will. Now, we will see it with Mia and Nicole. We have heard her say three different times now that she wants Rafe to be happy and safe, even tho she is not with her right now. That is not something, IMO, we would have seen her say in the past. I think the scheming, vengeful Sami is a thing of the past.
It's just my opinion that Sami will end up forgiving Nicole b/c she will realize that Nicole is mentally ill when all this happened. I am not saying it is a good defense, but one that I think the writers will be using. There has to be some plausible reason so they can bring her character back on the show.
Sami has been looking for a job,and that is another thing that is different about her. She may not find one right now b/c of the whole babyswitch s/l, but I think she will be more independent and I like that idea.
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