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Oct 14 2009, 10:34 AM
I actually think they are setting things up as they are with Sami's 'softer' side, including her newfound friendship with Nicole, to bring a much more emotional impact to the baby reveal. If Sami and Nicole were still mortal enemies and nasty to each other in every shared scene Sami's reaction to the final reveal would be pretty predictable. The fact that they are setting things up to show that Sami not only now feels friendship for Nicole, but seems to trust her and is going to go so far as to help her leave with (Sami's) baby creates much more angsty, soapy drama. I think Sami's reaction to the betrayal will be much bigger as a result - it's not just about an enemy doing something awful to her. This is about this so-called friend betraying her in the worst possible way.

I don't think the immediate follow up to that will be a softer, gentler Sami offering up forgiveness and mercy. Maybe way down the road...but no time soon. I do think Nicole is likely to be carted off for treatment somewhere and her redemption will come after that (and AZ's maternity leave :lol: ) but I doubt Sami will be the first person in line to give her a hug when she returns.
I agree with you. I didn't mean that she will forgive Nicole right now, but sometime down the road. And I think Sami will feel betrayed b/c she does think Nicole has been a friend to her, even tho she has been warned time and time again by others that she shouldn't be trusted. I guess I am a little surprised that she still trusts Nicole after she tried to get Sami to file a restraining order against Rafe and even her dad said that he didn't put much store in what Nicole thought or said. Not to mention the fact that she has lied about her whole pregnancy and miscarriage.
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