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This week's SOW features an interview with Joe Mascolo.

Stefano awakens in the hospital and asks EJ if he can see Sydney and Nicole. He realizes from EJ's reaction that something is amiss. EJ tells Stefano that he doesn't know where Nicole is, that she's run away.

EJ starts to explain to Stefano that Nicole has been deceiving him, and at first Stefano thinks that EJ knows the entire truth about the baby switch. But as EJ continues talking, Stefano slowly realizes that EJ does not have the whole picture.

Mascolo explains that this makes Stefano realize he can "still manipulate things". Stefano tells EJ to find Nicole, and Stefano says that Sydney is still EJ's daughter and Stefano's granddaughter, as far as Stefano is concerned.

EJ argues that Sydney is not a DiMera by blood, and Stefano is stuck, since he can't explain everything to EJ. However, at that point, Stefano has another medical issue, and Lexie tells EJ to leave. "When they go, Stefano opens his eyes, and you know he's planning something," Mascolo says.

Stefano quickly does research to find out where Nicole is, and he learns that Nicole is on a plane headed for Rio de Janeiro. [This is explained in the SOD article to be posted next.] The plane has not taken off yet, though. Stefano phones Nicole and tells her to come to the hospital immediately with Sydney.

"One way or another, Stefano is determined to keep this family - EJ, Nicole and Sydney - together," Mascolo says. Mascolo continues that he wants Nicole to remain EJ's wife, "because she's got more DiMera in her than whatever DiMeras are left". Mascolo concludes by saying that "Stefano does everything for one main reason: family."

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