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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features an interview with Ari Zucker.

Nicole tries to convince Chad to let her keep Sydney. First, she tries being nice to Chad and asking him if they can work things out, but he's not interested. So then, as Ari Zucker explains, Nicole thinks, 'I'll try my old ways on this kid.' Chad asks Nicole if she's trying to seduce him. Zucker says that Nicole then uses a line from her porn movie: "Chad, I'm scared you'd be too much man for me", and as Zucker explains, "He's like, 'Wait a minute, that's Locker Room Lolita!'" Zucker jokes that the movie must be quite popular, as Nicole did it years ago.

When Nicole realizes Chad won't help her, she turns to Brady. "Deep down inside, I thikn she does love Brady, because of their history together, but her immediate need is so selfish," Zucker says. Nicole tells Brady that she's made a mistake and that she should be with him. She asks him to run away with her. However, Brady wants to do the right thing, so he says no. Nicole tells him he's a jerk, and she leaves.

Then, unexpectedly, Sami says she'll give Nicole money to leave town. "Nicole is like, 'Let me throw up in my mouth first and then I'll take you up on that offer,'" says Zucker. Nicole has no other option, so she takes Sami up on it.

Nicole goes to the airport and boards a plane to Rio. Zucker concludes, "I don't think she has any big-picture plan."

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