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This week's SOW features an interview with Molly Burnett.

Burnett explains that Melanie and Nathan are keeping their romance a secret, because Maggie does not approve of it, and because the hospital does not allow employees to date coworkers. Maggie lectures Melanie and Nathan when they arrive home one day. Burnett says, "Maggie tells them she doesn't want any funny business in the house because of Mia." Melanie and Nathan tell Maggie that there is nothing between them. "They're still denying it to themselves a little bit," says Burnett.

Maggie leaves, and Melanie and Nathan go out on a date. They're having a good time, when Philip comes in looking for Melanie and sees that she's on a date with Nathan. Philip and Nathan begin fighting.

SOW asks Burnett whether Melanie likes being in the middle. Burnett says that Melanie liked it at first, "but then, she's banging her head against the wall. She's like, 'All I wanted was Philip, but he would never choose me. Then I found Nathan, and now Philip wants me.'"

Melanie and Nathan go home, and they begin to kiss. "Maggie walks in on them and is super-upset," says Burnett. Maggie yells at them and tells Melanie to leave the house. Nathan offers to leave, because he says that he's Maggie's family and she'll always love him no matter what.

Burnett says that Melanie "is super into Nathan", but "he doesn't have that spark that Philip does."

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