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Oct 14 2009, 11:24 PM
I just want to know why Stefano isn't scary or menacing anymore. Where did his dark side go? Why has he been neutered like this? And why is he always battling some sort of health issue? It's old.
He still is at times. It's just that the show doesn't beat us over the head with it anymore and they've humanized him, which was sorely needed. I mean, the man is old. The uber-villain thing can only go so far if you want to make him an actual character and not a gimmick and Stefano was becoming that. He got watered down so badly and I'm glad the show took the approach it did with him. He's real now. You know as a viewer what he is capable of but it's a natural progression. He's all about living his life and especially all about family now and family is what drives him, which is why I understand why he is doing all this. As Mason said, this is about Sydney.

I still recall what Stefano said about Sami years ago (think it was in the 90's). He basically said that he admired "her work" so to speak and you could tell he always felt she was a threat. I think he knows she won't back down. He just doesn't want to have to deal with her. It's not a fear thing as much as he doesn't want to have EJ or himself deal with it. He's seen what happened with Johnny and would rather have Nicole because she lets EJ do what he wants and lets him be active in Sydney's life. Sami has always been able to influence EJ and tries to change him. Stefano doesn't want that.

This all sounds good. Good to see Stefano being manipulative.
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