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I HATE SOW's previews. I want previews to be as vague as possible but why bother with these?

- Nicole and Stefano figure out that Rafe is going to "expose the truth" about Sydney.

"EJ turns against his father."

We know the whole truth is revealed during sweeps so I like that they we don't have much idea of how it all happens. I'm guessing we will see Nicole and Stefano race against time to stop Rafe and maybe they will but he will pass the info on to someone else and then everything blows up. I just can't wait for all this. We know Sami will be getting heavy focus this month so her not being mentioned is no big deal. I do think this EJ/Stefano split will last at least awhile. I think it will play into the Stefano/Kate stuff and I also think we will see EJ go really dark for awhile. I've felt that was the way this would go from day one and I still think that will happen. I also think EJ will get revenge my making a power play for the Dimera empire and maybe he will use Kate to do just that.

- Bo must keep secrets from Hope, because of Carly. This moves Bo and Hope further apart.

BRING IT ON!! I've waited so long for a Carly/Bo/Hope triangle and I like how it's playing out. There are no malicious intentions. Carly is not scheming to win Bo. The circumstances are driving everything. I can't wait for this!

- Victor tells Brady that Arianna is a drug dealer, and Brady is very angry.

I'm glad this story gets some focus. I just hope it goes somewhere soon. I understand that with the baby switch stuff coming out and all the Rafe drama we had to see Brady and Arianna involved elsewhere but this is pretty important. It just needs something else to spice it up because we haven't seen anything since we learned Arianna was working with Roman.

"Vivian and Victor reconnect over their mutual hatred of Carly."

Wow! I'm so happy to see this! Vivian and Victor did bond before she left Salem and I can see why they would come together over hating Carly. I'm sure most of Victor's current unhappiness with Carly will be driven by her getting involved with Bo's life. Can't wait!

Philip tries to enlist Stephanie's help in breaking up Nathan and Melanie.

Scheming Philip? COUNT ME IN!! Finally we see his manipulative side again. I'm also shocked that we have Philip and Stephanie sort of conspiring against Nathan and Melanie. It's refreshing! Can't wait to see how this plays out.

All in all, sounds good. I look forward to the SOD ones though because we always get a little more there, although I expect the show to be very tight-lipped like they have been.
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