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Oct 15 2009, 01:15 AM
Oct 14 2009, 11:42 PM
I still recall what Stefano said about Sami years ago (think it was in the 90's). He basically said that he admired "her work" so to speak and you could tell he always felt she was a threat. I think he knows she won't back down. He just doesn't want to have to deal with her.
Bless you for bringing this up. I loved that and always hoped it would lead to SOMETHING more. Like Sami turning against her family to become the Dimera queen. But if we can pretend to tie his actions back to that...I'll take it. Thanks!

As far as Stefano being menacing- for me there's no going back after Santo/Colleen and young Stefano all pissy because his father cheated on his mother...or didn't...or something. And that was the motive for, like 5 decades of anti-Brady machinations. It's just...his whole being to me is pathetic. Get the f- over it, y'know?

His constant illness is a way of representing the degradation of his soul over time as he quested for...whatever the hell it was. To get revenge on the spawn of his father and some irritating nun, or whatever that was.
Sami marrying a Dimera had so much potential. As the Brady family black sheep, it made all the sense in the world. The show threw all that away during the feud story. I didn't mind that story as much as others but it could've been done so much better and it pretty much squandered what could've been one hell of a story with Sami being married to a Dimera. I feel like Kate's current story is exactly what Sami's should've been. Forced by her own actions into marrying into the Dimera family and having everyone turn her back on her as a result...that would've been perfect for Sami a few years ago.

I agree with you on your other points.
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