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Oct 14 2009, 11:51 PM
I do wish the show would just SORAS Melanie t0 21. They haven't mentioned her age since February. I don't see the issue with the age difference. Unless Melanie is under 18, I don't get the big deal. How many soap couples and supercouples have had a age difference between them (Bo and Hope being one of them)? Now, it's some sort of taboo, at least around these boards.

If you don't like Philip and Melanie, that is fine. It should be all about the story and the chemistry IMO. It should not be about age difference IMO unless your breaking the law. This has been done on soaps for years and acting like it's some line that should not be crossed and trying to pigeon-hole characters into only being paired with characters in their own age bracket is too restrictive and leads to an isolated canvas...which is not good IMO.
And as I say every time you present your point of view on this, it's not about the exact number of years between people as much as it is a difference in where those people are in their lives. It's not JUST the JKJ looks like he's in his 30s and Molly looks 18 on a good day. It's that Melanie doesn't have anywhere near the life experience Philip does. As far as we know Melanie has never been married, never had a child, never thought she was a parent only to lose that child, never been to combat, never had corporate power and never suffered life-altering injuries (though I guess we're supposed to pretend Philip's leg regenerated). Everything Philip has been through gets ignored, apparently for the sake of pairing him with Melanie. I'm supposed to think Melanie's had some evil abusive childhood, but I didn't see it play out and I still don't know the exact parameters of what supposedly happened to her. I also feel she is very immature, even with her alleged backstory. Her jumping right into bed with Philip when all the evidence would have suggested to any grownup woman Philip wanted her because she was there and he was upset about Stephanie is exactly the kind of thing an immature 18 year old would do, not a wary, cautious woman wise beyond her years. I don't see Melanie doing anything that makes her mature. Of course, given that the writing for Philip has sucked beyond measure since last fall, with the ONLY exception being his recent conversation with Kate right before she married Stefano, I don't even care anymore. I never thought I'd see the day when Philip would be FF material, but this quad has broken me. It just sucks all the way around.
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